50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary celebrations started with a KS2 assembly led by two former pupils; Tim Herbert and Martyn Maguire.

Tim Herbert is the son of former Headteacher Nick Herbert and father of Becky Herbert (an England International hockey player) who is another past pupil.

He began the assembly by testing the pupil’s knowledge on their school name and which parish it belongs to!  Pupils were interested to hear that the ‘Douet’, which runs down the middle of the football pitch, marks the boundary between St Saviour and St Clement.  He also spoke about how ‘back in the day’ the teachers drank coffee, ate their lunch but also smoked (there was a large gasp from the pupils) in the staffroom.    

He also told them about the time he was sent to the Head’s office (his father) for fighting in the playground.  He explained that most pupils got the slipper across the bottom… but on this occasion his father said ‘Tim, you’ve let me down’ which had much more of an impact on his future behaviour.

Martyn Maguire another past pupil in 1968 now works for the Fire Service.  He talked to the pupils about how he learnt to swim at Plat Douet in an outdoor pool that was freezing cold, got to see cheetahs at Jersey Zoo and about his first job… being a milk monitor!

Martyn then talked to the children about how fire helmets have changed over the years – and he even made Mr Pallant dress up! (see below for photos)

Tim and Martyn told the children how pupils from three different schools were moved to Plat Douet (St. Luke, St Clement and St James) and how the school uniform and in particularly the logo was created.

To conclude the assembly everyone joined in singing ‘The Golden Cockerel’, the school song from 1968, which is still officially the school song today.

Below are some photographs from the assembly but also of the Plat Douet Museum and displays around the school.

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