Jersey Premium

Jersey Premium is a targeted funding programme for schools which has been introduced to help all children get the very best from their education.  

States fee-paying and non-fee-paying schools have received extra funding for their eligible pupils since January 2017.

Eligibility for Jersey Premium

Approximately 3,500 pupils aged 3 to 18 will be eligible for Jersey Premium in 2017-18. There are three eligibility criteria:

  1. All pupils who are also Looked After Children
  2. Children from households which have claimed Income Support for a total of 12 months or more within the last five years
  3. Children from households with 'Registered' status that would qualify to claim Income Support if they had lived in Jersey for five years

Expressing a parental preference

The Education and Social Security Departments work together to identify children who are eligible for Jersey Premium. Schools are then provided with lists of their eligible pupils.

Pupil lists for 2017 -18 will be updated shortly.  If you think your child may be eligible for Jersey Premium through the Income Support criteria but you do not want them to be added to the Jersey Premium list, you need to email or write to the Education Department.

Recently arrived children

If you think your family would qualify for Income Support if you had lived in the Island for five years, you can find out if your child is eligible for Jersey Premium by completing a short questionnaire. This is available from schools and the Education Department.

Please click here for 'Fact Sheets' in English and a range of other languages.


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