Welcome Back - Summer Term Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome back to the start of a very different summer term.  I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful job you have done in supporting us move to a new way of learning and teaching.  It has been a challenge but I am proud of what we, as a whole school community, have achieved in such a short time.  However,  I fully appreciate it is a juggling act between ‘working from home’ and ‘home schooling’.

Therefore, I am excited to update you on further developments that will be introduced, throughout this term, with regards to ‘Online Learning and Teaching’

During the Easter holiday teachers have been busy creating new learning opportunities for pupils, with some of these activities requiring the children to complete tasks that they may have not done before.  Don’t panic – we are here to help.

Whenever a new concept is introduced there will be a video tutorial (Loom) created by your child’s class teacher or a teacher from their year group.  This is an opportunity for ‘teacher input’ as there would be during a lesson in school.  Your child can watch it all, pause it and re-watch sections, go back to it later in the week to support the next activity and it will be available for the rest of the academic year.  Teachers may also produce ‘Answer Looms’ – this is where, for example, in maths the teacher has worked through the questions and showed the answers.  This will allow all children to mark their own work but also work out where they have gone wrong – if they get one wrong they can go through their work again to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes.  Learning is endless and this new way of ‘learning and teaching’ will be so valuable in ensuring children continue to make progress within the year group curriculum.  However, teachers are working incredibly hard and will not be able to make a Loom for every lesson.  They will use their professional judgement and make a Loom if they think one is required.  It is expected that teachers will make two Looms per week.

In addition to ‘Loom’ videos being available we are pleased that there will also be opportunities for teachers to ‘Meet’ groups of pupils using Google Meet.  When a child has found a new concept difficult or made errors (and unsure of how they went wrong) their class teacher or a teacher from their year group may choose to arrange a live teaching session.  This will be scheduled.  Please download the ‘Meet’ app if you are using a device or you can log in on the internet if using a laptop or computer.  Your child will need to use their Google Classroom login to enable the teacher to call.  It is strongly recommended that you are in the same room as your child whilst using Google Meet. 

An updated version of the 'Home Learning Policy' can be read by clicking here.

As we move forward with our learning and teaching opportunities, this week, I ask that you are patient.  This is very new to teachers but they are doing a fantastic job and I am sure there will be teething problems.  If you have any questions or comments then please do not hesitate to email, text or phone me.

Stay home and stay safe, 

Mr Walker

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