Aims & Principles

The Aims of the School

 The staff at Plat Douet School aim to: 
  • Nurture the well-being of all pupils, developing self-esteem and a respect for one another, so promoting their access to a rich and fully inclusive curriculum
  • Instill in pupils, a joy of learning which will motivate them throughout their lives
  • To inspire the highest possible levels of individual achievement through the planned development of a wide range of learning skills such as: collaboration, perseverance, independence, creativity, reflection and aspiration
  • To place particular emphasis on the early and sound aquisition of literacy and numeracy skills

School Principles

  • Acknowledge the problem and look towards the future because the possibilities are infinite
  • The problem is the problem, not the person
  • A small change in any aspect of a problem can initiate a solution
  • If it works do more of it, if it doesn't do something different
  • Collectively we have the unique resources to make positive changes
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